Meet Martha Vinick

Here at Greenpeace, activism takes on many forms – from intervening against whaling fleets to hanging banners from nuclear reactors. But it is our member's individual activism, from signing petitions to writing letters, that inspires and enables us to continue fighting for a green and peaceful future every day.

Mrs. Martha Osborn Vinick's personal activism has taken her as far away as Africa, where she met with Nelson Mandela at a United World College where her granddaughter has studied. Mrs. Vinick has also been to The Hague, where she participated in the 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace.

At home in Connecticut, she formed her own local environmental group, "Our Town, Our Planet," and has volunteered with several anti-nuclear organizations. Mrs. Vinick is also an avid petition and letter writer.

A loyal supporter of Greenpeace for decades, Mrs. Vinick has established a charitable gift annuity with the Greenpeace Gift Planning Team. The gift annuity is making reliable payments to her for the rest of her life and will provide a significant gift to Greenpeace.

Mrs. Vinick's family is the inspiration for both her individual activism and her generous gifts to Greenpeace. She and her husband, Bernard, have three grown children and seven grandchildren.

As Mrs. Vinick points out, "Supporting Greenpeace is the best thing I can do for my own family and for everyone else's children and grandchildren. I'd like to leave something better for my grandchildren than stocks and bonds. I'd like them to inherit a healthy and beautiful planet."