Greenpeace Perennial Circle



If you have honored us by naming Greenpeace Fund as beneficiary in your estate plans, we would like to invite you to join our Greenpeace Perennial Circle; with others that share your commitment to preserve our planet. Just do so by completing our membership enrollment form and we will be delighted to include you with our other members.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Greenpeace Perennial Circle you will receive additional updates through out the year along with some other benefits that include our Greenpeace Calendar, our Annual Report, Invitations to Greenpeace events, and other items throughout the year. In addition to these small expressions of gratitude, we hope you will allow us to recognize you as a member of the Greenpeace Perennial Circle in our annual report. Your listing in this publication encourages others to join this important effort. Lastly, as a member, you will receive timely information, tips, and ongoing professional gift planning ideas and materials from our Office of Gift Planning.

Other Notes

Please keep in mind that we recognize this designation is revocable by you at anytime. We do not share or publish the names of our Greenpeace Perennial Circle members or their gifts without contacting them directly. All information that you share with us is kept in the strictest confidence.

To become a member click here.