Greenpeace Inspires Faith Strong's Legacy

Faith Strong was so inspired by Greenpeace’s efforts to save whales that she decided to lend her support now and in the future.

“Seeing the Greenpeace boats standing up to environmental injustices was so impressive,” said Faith. “To see the willingness of people to take these types of measures to protect the planet continues to inspire me.”

At almost 90, Faith continues her work as a minister. She is a published author and a painter.

Faith recently established a charitable gift with Greenpeace Fund.* “I receive an enormous feeling of fulfillment and empowerment from my gifts to Greenpeace,” said Faith, “especially since Greenpeace gets results and is effectively making the world a better place.”

Faith values the Greenpeace commitment to doing the right thing. “The honesty and integrity are impeccable. I know that my donations are going where they say they are.”

“Greenpeace turns my support into action. Putting my resources behind Greenpeace makes my commitment to the environment very powerful and gives life to my vision for a sustainable planet,” she said.

Faith sees her support of Greenpeace Fund as a legacy to her children and grandchildren. “Greenpeace is protecting the planet and thereby my family’s future,” she said.

“Knowing that I support Greenpeace allows them to see the difference they can make in this world through philanthropy,” Faith said. “My children are involved in the family’s philanthropic decision making, which makes them a real part of the organizations we support.”

Faith has some words of advice for Greenpeace supporters: “Get out in the world and live your life. Supporting Greenpeace has enriched my life.”