Estella Marie Howe July 24, 1912 – September 11, 2005

Estella Howe had a life long love of all animals. She lived in Alaska before it was a state and was very taken with the beauty of that place. Ms. Howe was very upset when oil exploration started and the oil pipeline was built. She was concerned about the impact on the wildlife and wanted to see the area protected.

Ms. Howe liked the work that Greenpeace has done to halt further oil exploration in Alaska and the work to protect the forest habitat of the wildlife there. Her niece described her as an activist who wrote to her representatives often about the issues that concerned her because she wanted to fix things that she saw as a problem. She also had a good sense of humor and put every sticker she received from environmental groups on her front door for everyone to see. She had hundreds of them. Ms. Howe wanted to leave a legacy by quietly saving money during her lifetime to make a difference after her life. Her bequest to Greenpeace will help us continue our work for a green and peaceful future.

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