Deborah Lu Witmer

Deborah Lu Witmer gave a great deal back to her community through her desire to help others and through her enduring passion for nature. A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Deborah left her hometown for Denmark to pursue graduate work in Clinical Psychology. After she returned home, Deborah earned another degree in Landscape Design and dedicated her career to the outdoors and to social work before finally settling in Florida.

In her lifetime, Deborah was a horticulturist, a landscape designer, an artist, a counselor, a psychiatric aide, and a house painter, but, as busy as she was, she always made time for the outdoors. She kept her love of nature close to her heart and endeavored to incorporate it into her home -- two bright houses in Fernandina Beach that became a part of the town’s sunny coastal landscape.

Before Deborah passed away in May 2009, she was determined to make those houses her legacy. With dedicated assistance from her friend Gail Howard, Deborah’s wishes are now a reality. The proceeds from the sale of her property have been distributed to three charitable interests focused on preserving nature. Greenpeace is honored to be one of them.

We are determined to carry Deborah’s vision into the future and to honor her memory with our commitment to stand against environmental injustices. Deborah’s legacy will give the Earth and all that depends upon it the voice they deserve.