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Fall 2014


  • In Defense of the Arctic
  • Taking Stock and Giving It
  • Tom Wetterer: Bearing Witness

Summer 2014


  • A Safer World for Whales
  • Planning for the Future
  • A Life Devoted to Helping Animals

Spring 2014


  • Do you have a plan?
  • 3 Simple steps
  • Meet Barbara Flowers

Fall 2013


  • Keeping the Oceans Healthy
  • Advantages of Giving Securities
  • Making the Most of Today

Summer 2013


  • Protecting Ecosystems in Africa
  • The Living Trust: Partner to a Will
  • Does a Trust Save Taxes and Expenses?

Spring 2013


  • You made it happen
  • New tax law brings opportunities
  • Estate and gift tax changes

Fall 2012


  • Look to the future
  • 5 reasons to give appreciated property
  • Margot Feuer’s gift to the future

Summer 2012


  • Be a part of the future
  • Gift planning pointers
  • A hero among us

Spring 2012


  • Alternative giving ideas
  • Devoting life insurance to life

Fall 2011


  • Give a gift that comes back
  • Ms. Faith Strong is inspired by Greenpeace

Summer 2011


  • New tax laws work in your favor
  • Make your own plans
  • Message from Peter Cuthbert, friend of Greenpeace