Friends of Greenpeace Stories

We thank all our Gift Planning donors for their kind support. Here are some of their stories.


Touching Future Generations

The late Margot Feuer grew up in a quiet, scenic area of Connecticut. As a young girl she fell in love with nature and the animals that inhabited the land. She recognized the need to preserve it long into the future and this motivated her to be a strong and active advocate for nature her entire life.

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Passionate About Greenpeace

Doris Stevenson grew up in the foothills of western Virginia during the Depression. Her father worked in the coal mines and her mother on a farm. They didn’t have much money but their farm was self-sufficient, providing all they needed.

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Friend, Colleague, Volunteer

Almost every day in the 16 years since his retirement, A.E. Griffith Bates, Jr., or "Mr. Bates" as we all knew him, faithfully came to work at Greenpeace. But his work was all volunteer. Mr. Bates was a former systems analyst for the Defense Mapping Agency and a Korean War veteran.

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Quiet Donor Makes Bold Move

As a child growing up in Ohio and Michigan, Paula Bowker felt connected to the earth and had an intense interest in the environment. She feels that she is a product of both nature and nurture, and the influence of two grade school teachers who placed emphasis on the natural sciences. "I was a little wood Nymph," Paula says with a laugh. "Playing in the dirt, running through mud puddles, spending quiet time with trees and ferns gave me a great pleasure, despite my poor mother's protest."

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Meet Martha Vinick

Here at Greenpeace, activism takes on many forms – from intervening against whaling fleets to hanging banners from nuclear reactors. But it is our member's individual activism, from signing petitions to writing letters, that inspires and enables us to continue fighting for a green and peaceful future every day.

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High-Flying Desires Accomplish Down-to-Earth Goals

Her first career, after World War II, was as an airline hostess for Trans World Airlines (TWA), then Colonial Airlines (later Eastern Airlines). It was an exciting time in aviation-the general public was starting to fly commercially, the airline industry kept growing-the sky was the limit!

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Kathleen Neuer: "Late Bloomer"

A staff writer and editor on the old Mademoiselle, Kathleen wrote about-and worked in-the fashion world for ten years. It was the world she had mooned over growing up at the movies in hometown Cincinnati. The glamour eventually faded for Kathleen, but it paid the rent and provided a home for her and her two wore-haired dachshunds, who were world-class barkers! At the point of loosing another apartment, she enrolled the dogs in a training school in Princeton, New Jersey, rumored to be run by a "kind-hearted" veterinarian. The reform was pre-doomed, but Kathleen solved what she called "our housing problem" by marrying the veterinarian, Dr. Jack Blumenthal, and moving to Princeton.

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Little Things Can Make a Difference

When Eva-Maria Swedlow Immigrated to America from Germany in 1958, she knew she would have to rely on her skills as a photographer to support herself. She had earned an advanced degree in photography in Munich, worked in a portrait studio, and done commercial photography. Although she was able to find similar work in her new home, Eva-Maria found that she still had much to learn.

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Chemistry Professor Leaves His Legacy

When Linda Baumgarten recalls growing up in upstate New York, she remembers learning a love for nature from her older brother Ronald. "When we were little, Ron and I would go for walks and he would teach me about the wildlife," Linda says. "He loved instilling an appreciation of nature in others."

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Actors on a Larger Stage

In July 1983, several crew members of the Rainbow Warrior were arrested and held by Soviet authorities during what would become one of the daring opening chapters in Greenpeace history. The captured crewmen were held on the Siberian coast for several days before being released due to public pressure. Some of that pressure came from Alice Lane, who telephoned the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C., at the request of Greenpeace.

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Activist Responds to Call

Jim Sorensen's childhood laid the groundwork for his devotion to environmental causes. Spending time in the woods of Minnesota, Southern Canada, and Alaska, he developed an appreciation for virgin wilderness.

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Estella Marie Howe
July 24, 1912 – September 11, 2005

Estella Howe had a life long love of all animals. She lived in Alaska before it was a state and was very taken with the beauty of that place. Ms. Howe was very upset when oil exploration started and the oil pipeline was built. She was concerned about the impact on the wildlife and wanted to see the area protected.

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Deborah Lu Witmer

Deborah Lu Witmer gave a great deal back to her community through her desire to help others and through her enduring passion for nature. A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Deborah left her hometown for Denmark to pursue graduate work in Clinical Psychology. After she returned home, Deborah earned another degree in Landscape Design and dedicated her career to the outdoors and to social work before finally settling in Florida.

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Pascal Biagini

Pascal Biagini was born in 1923 in New York City, but lived most of his life in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A first generation American of Italian descent, Mr. Biagini dedicated his life to giving back to his country, his community, and the world that intrigued and inspired him.

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‘Generation Y’ creates a legacy and stands up for our Earth

Only in his 20's, Devin Weaver has shown us that Greenpeace supporters of any age can make an impact with their legacies. A Los Angeles native, Devin first learned about Greenpeace through grassroots activism while attending UC Santa Barbara. After taking part in a successful clean energy campaign on campus, Devin saw the difference young people like himself could make. 

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Greenpeace Inspires Faith Strong's Legacy

Faith Strong was so inspired by Greenpeace’s efforts to save whales that she decided to lend her support now and in the future.

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