Passionate About Greenpeace

Doris Stevenson grew up in the foothills of western Virginia during the Depression. Her father worked in the coal mines and her mother on a farm. They didn’t have much money but their farm was self-sufficient, providing all they needed.

As a young girl, Doris learned to draw. These days, she paints with oils, including portraits of her family. She also enjoys gardening and ceramics and taking care of her two dogs.

She married a career army soldier and they had two children. They moved frequently during his military career and after, finally settling in Georgia. Living and traveling abroad gave Doris a global perspective and measure of the importance of ensuring the health of the planet.

Doris has been a member of Greenpeace since the early ‘80s when she first saw our television ads on whales. She joined because she felt it was important to support those organizations that were trying to do something to protect our earth and seas and those who inhabit them. Said Doris, “I have always admired the bravery that Greenpeace has shown in taking actions, particularly on climate change. Global warming is real and worldwide and we need to do something and I am happy to support their actions.”

Doris first established a gift annuity with us, and then added our organization as a beneficiary of her estate plan. We are very grateful for her passion and dedication to Greenpeace.

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